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Here is what some of our yelpers are saying…

“Hands down, THE BEST Crawfish House in Seattle. Not only is the food damn tasty, but the service is awesome as well. The Crawfish boil with the house sauce is one of my favorite dishes to order. I always ask for extra corn and sausage since it only comes with one piece per pound. The Crawfish etoufee with rice and all of their Po Boys are also delicious. The only downside is the facility itself, but then again you're in White Center so what do you expect. If you're looking for an upscale restaurant, then keep on driving. However, if you're like me and can appreciate a divey place with amazing food and awesome service, then this is the place for you.” --Foodie M. from Seattle, WA

Seriously my favorite seafood place in Seattle! If you're undecided, go now. This place is so New Orleans. My girlfriend and I shared friend pickles and a boil. We had crab legs and shrimp (adding the customary corn and sausage). The fried pickles are the best I've had in Seattle. The house seasoning on the boil was amazeballs. Seriously good. Be prepared to get your hands dirty and eat some crazy good seafood. The place is unrefined without being tacky at all, it's about the food. Our waitress was great, the drinks were good, the food was effing fantastic. Like I said before, go... NOW!!! --Chris O. from Seattle, WA

Coming from San Jose where there is a glut of Crawfish restaurants because of how trendy it has become in California, this place is very good. They source their crawfish from many locations throughout the seasons I THINK, because I've seen a few different varieties here. The sauce is much better than I expected coming in for the first time months back so I find myself coming back here instead of closer locations (I'm from the eastside). You MUST try the gizzards if you like gizzards. It beats Ezells for sure. I wish I didn't eat so much crawfish so I can try out other stuff but those are the two things I eat every time I come by. Their prices are ridiculously great. I wish this place was closer to home. --Franklin C. from Issaquah, WA